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"Education is not just a degree to earn but a lifetime commitment to apply the knowledge learned to solve our problem." "Education is not just gaining information but also the manifestation of goodness and positive potential within human at every circumstances of life."  Acharya Surajit Sengupta (Guruji)

Yoga is an ancient Hindu science. Hindu wisdom is always universal in nature and thus no need to feel any fear of any religious conversion. Our class is for cultivating the universal wisdom and thus people of all background can find effective use of the knowledge to enliven their everyday life.

Like science, this discipline of Yoga has also many branches. Unfortunately only physical fitness or exercise part of the discipline is mostly used by ordinary people. But individual who would like to explore this discipline of knowledge in depth has to explore all branches of Yoga. Many might have used personal name, or specific trade name in front of Yoga or behind Yoga for modern day marketing purpose. But this approach only created a lot of confusion among western people and resultant effect is lack of critical understanding and a disconnect from the original realization of Yoga. This is the reason Institute of Healing Studies is completely focusing with the original ancient root and purpose of Yoga so that modern people can feel the experience of traveling back in ancient Indian time while exploring Yoga at the Institute.

Our Yoga programs never ends in just physical fitness. It will offer mental, emotional and spiritual fitness so that we can better function everyday for our own individual goal, for our family and also for the society at large.

This class with start with posture or Asana or regulation through Posture, then breathing regulation or Pranayama and then concentration or Dharana and finally Dhana or meditation through yoga pose in lotus.

First 6-8 weeks will be beginners and then gradually more difficult poses will be added to make sure new students are very comfortable to follow the class without any risk of injury. Before starting the class a brief introduction of Yoga philosophy will be shared with everyone.

In addition to group class, individualized class is also organized for person with specific health risks or disease state or muscle, joints or spine flexibility problems.

Advanced students can get special classes for Yog-sadhana.

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