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Get your nutritional healing and wellness questions answered for optimum health

You can reply by email for your wellness evaluation and individualized program design.

Wellness questions:
1. Would you like to quit smoking?
2. Do you need help to control drinking?
3. Do you eat a lot of foods with preservatives?
4. Do you eat a lot of meat?
5. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
6. Do you eat a lot of fatty and greasy foods?
7. Do you feel toxicity?
8. Do you feel lethargic and easily tired?
9. Do you feel you have Candida?
10. Would you like to lose weight?
If the answer to one or more of those questions are yes then you can definitely start the individualized wellness program, body type diet, exercise, supplement plan.
Detoxification program might be recommended for some people with chronic challenges.

Smart Heart Health program at our Institute for the 21st century:
Individualized Body Type Diet and Alternative Cardiac-Fitness Program TM to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Fit Body and Fit Mind TM program at our Institute for the 21st century:
Do you feel you are losing your memory? If yes then start our program called Active Brain Memory TM to avoid age related future problems.

Reverse your aging and regain vitality:
Do you have problems with flexibility in your joints, muscles and postural balance? Then you might be aging faster than you think. You can reverse it by joining individualized wellness program.
Do you feel tired and sluggish all the time? Then start our rejuvenation program. Most of the wellness programs are very useful for anti-aging and vitality.

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