AGU Clinic for Integrated Care, Holistic Health & Wellness

Alternative Holistic Health and Wellness Programs

Find balance before sickness, get evaluation and alternative care and healing programs for chronic health problems.

Join the following programs for optimal health and happiness:

Pain Management

From Fat to Fitness

From Fatigue to Energetic (start this program to gain energy and find freedom form chronic fatigue)

Lower high Blood Pressure

Smart brain health program

Freedom from Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Spiritual counseling for Anger management, Peace, Happiness and Self-development.

SENGUPTA ® Optimal Health & Wellness Program:

Know your body type for your personalized individual Diet and wellness plan

Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis

Body-type specific individualized diet, nutrition, exercise and wellness plan

Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis for early detection of imbalance to prevent and improve health

Body Fat, BMI & BIA Analysis

Weight Management & Fitness

Detox and Rejuvenate to slow down the aging and to regain energy, vitality, and younger skin, and freedom from chronic fatigue

Control of breathing for respiratory wellness and to improve lung capacity to prevent or better manage asthma and COPD

Prevention and clinically proven natural cure to eliminate the risk of bacteria induced stomach or intestinal ulcer

Postural balance & flexibility and freedom from dizziness, manage Minier’s disease

Brain health and wellness to prevent stroke and neurological disorder

Lower cholesterol, triglyceride and Cardiac-Yoga for heart health

Memory Exercise and prevent dementia and preserve cognitive efficiencies

Concentration and Meditation techniques for ADD and ADHD in children and adults and to cultivate fast learning skills

Emotional Wellness

Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Nerve-Muscle Integration for pain management and Mind-Body

Integration for relaxation, deep sleep and happiness

Holistic Vision and Dental care