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Short Term Courses

"Education is not just a degree to earn but a lifetime commitment to apply the knowledge learned to solve our problem." "Education is not just gaining information but also the manifestation of goodness and positive potential within human at every circumstances of life." Guruji (Acharya Surajit Sengupta)

Ayurvedic Medicine 1: This is a introductory clouse for the general people to better understand how Ayurvedic medicine works. This course will help people to learn some basic knowledge in Ayurveda for making better self health decisions.

Ayurvedic medicine 2: This course is designed for medical or other health care porfessionals to understand what is Ayurvedic Medicine. This course will help many different branches of modern health care porfessionals to connect with the holistic principle of medical care from one of the oldest Indian system of medicine.

Ayurvedic Herbology: In this basic course student will learn the applications of different Ayurvedic herbs. This couse can be registered by anyone who is interested to take advantage of Ayurvedic herbal remedies.

Ayurgenics is  Sengupta-Ayurvedic herbal care program:

1 Ayurvedic detox and cleansing program

2. Ayurvedic heart care & Cholesterol and lipid balance

3. Ayurvedic UTI and Kidney Support

4. Stress, Wellbeing and Vitality

5. Memory and attention, Mental acuity, intellect

6. Blood Sugar control

7. Bone, Joint & Muscle Support

8. Freedom from Constipation  & Digestive Support

9. Prostate care

10. Male Hormone & Female Hormone Balance for Menstrual balance, PMS, Menopause

Ayurvedic Cooking and diet: This course is open to public to better cook and eat healthy food and experince the healing through food.

Healing through Chakras: In this course student will learn what is the scientific meaning of Chakras. How it works in our human body. How it regulate our physiological function. It will also include subtle body concept in self-healing mechanism.

In additions to all the above short term couse, a short term special Yoga teachers training is also offered for students who may be travelling to the Institute from other state or from abroad. In order to take this course student has to fulfill some prerequisite past training in the discipline of Yoga.


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